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Meet The Team

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Justin Sapp Sr.

Justin started Certified after 11 years in the fire and water restoration business.  His desire to provide "World Class Service" is something he learned at T. Rowe Price as an investment advisor almost 20 years ago, but has stuck with him throughout his professional career.  He has a wife, 6 kids, and is even a grandpa... yes, we know, he doesn't old enough! In addition to his passion for the business, he's involved with his church and helping with various kids sports.

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Jeff Roemer

Jeff has been inspecting homes for more than 10 years.  He's oversees the quality control program as well as the environmental division with certifications in mold and lead testing.  Jeff also sings in a choir - including performances at Carnegie Hall, and loves spending time with his wife Kim and his, or really any dogs! 

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April Kuciara

April is our Office Manager, or as we like to call her, the Admin of the Universe!  She oversees the admin side of things and makes sure everyone is where they need to be.  She, her husband and 2 teenage girls stay busy, typically at lacrosse or field hockey most weekends.  She's recently been helping with capstone projects like building hyrdoponic gardens... and soemthing with fish too! 

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Kyle Warfield 

Kyle served as a US Marine and then worked for a remodeling company before joining Certified.  His hands-on work in the field is invaluable to his clients during his inspections.  Update: He and his wife Becky have 3 kids under the age of 6 so they stay pretty busy!  Kyle is also a youth minister at his church and even stars in their program for kids.  Still not sure how he finds the time, but he's a great inspector and an even better Dad!

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Marissa Abbott

Cindy joined our team back in 2020 and handles scheduling and admin with April.  She has spent many years in the real estate industry working in the office of a large brokerage helping with everything from fiance and payroll to assisting agents with the day-to-day hectic life of a Realtor. 

Greg Chapman

Greg spent 7 years on commercial job sites, primarily working on large AV installations.  He is a licensed home and septic inspector and is a native of Cecil County.  Update: He and his wife Kara had their first child, a bouncing baby boy... they used to love taking the boat out whenever they got the chance, and Greg also enjoyed hunting and fishing. Now they are parents so of course that's changed things a bit!

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Shawn Yolton

Shawn Yolton joined the CPI team in early 2021 after spending 7 years as a project manager for a large remodeling company.  Prior to that, Shawn was a certified pest inspector for many years.  His experience in the field is an invaluable component of his success as an inspector. 

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