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Water front property is some of the most sought after, but also comes with some unique challenges.

Older homes may have lead paint or asbestos present and testing will be sure you know what you've got.

Building a house involves LOTS of moving parts and even the best builder has a punch list.  We can help.

If you have it, we can inspect it!  If we don't have the expertise, we know someone who does.

We've completed over 10,000 inspections!  Check out what we do during a typical 2-3 hour inspection.

In some areas locally, more than 50% of the homes have high radon.  Learn more about it here.

A well or septic system are the 2 most expensive components of your home, making inspections critical.

The unseen environmental aspects of the home are important to your family's health and safety.

Wood destroying insects like termites cause an estimated $5 billion dollars of damage to homes each year. 

All too often we visit homes and see problems that can cause extensive damage to a home if not addressed but are inexpensive to fix.  Let our eyes go to work for the safety of your family and the protection of your investment. 

A property with a pool can be an awesome amenity for families, but repairs can be expensive and safety issues should be taken seriously.

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