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Healthy Home Maintenace Inspections

Healthy Home Mainteance Inspections

All too often we visit homes with minor leaks, installation issues, clogged gutters, minor roof damage... things that are inexpensive to fix but can lead to very expensive damage to your home or unsafe conditions for your family.  Our team of  inspectors has spent years completing more than 10,000 inspections for families like yours buying a home.  Let us put that experience and expertise to work for you to help protect your family and your investment.  


WHAT"S THE BEST PART?! We are an unbiased party with your interests in mind.  We are not there to sell you repairs, blow things out of proportion, scare you into action... or sell you ANYTHING at all.  We will perform your inspection, give you the facts and provide a concise report of our findings.  That's it!  No sales - no scare tactics - no solicitations for further work.  Just an honest assessment of your home and the stuff you need to know to take the best care of your happy place.   


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