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Home Inspection Details

The final phase of the inspection is the basement/crawl space, structural components, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, etc.

  • Structural: Beams, columns, foundation, moisture issues, etc.

  • Utilities: Main and branch electrical, main and branch plumbing, and all HVAC equipment.

main panel electrical
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live wire
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gas leak
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leaking washer supply
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Home Inspections

We've completed over 5000 inspections!  Check out what we do during a typical 2-3 hour inspection.  The details below are just a small snapshot of what we document. We inspect over 1,000 items and often include 50 or more photos in your report.

Our inspections start at the exterior of the home.  We thoroughly inspect all exterior components and often times will spend 45 minutes or more just on the exterior!

  • Roof: Shingles or surface, vents, valleys, skylights, and other flashing.

  • Exterior: Siding, windows, doors, caulking, decks and patios, landscaping, grading, drainge, etc.

Vent Pipe Flashing Deteriorated
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Hail Damage Shingles
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Deteriorated Wood Trim
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Holes in Wood Siding
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Our inspection continue onto the inside of the home where we again start at the top and work down from the attic down through the living spaces.

  • Attic: Insulation, ventilation, leaks or moisture, pests, etc.

  • Interior: Window and doors, receptacles, fans, lights, appliances, kithcen, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, etc.

Toilet Bowl Loose
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Rotted Subfloor in Bath
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No Caulk Around Bath Tub
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Wet Attic
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Cynthia L. (March 2020)

Brian was awesome, very informative, and professional. I am very
pleased with the service that I received, and will definitely
recommend this company.

ROB P. (March 2020)

Jeff Roemer was very thorough and explained everything that he was doing and looking for. He made me feel 100% confident with the house we were purchasing. He also pointed out a few things that we should be on the lookout for in the future that may need to be addressed. Thanks Jeff! 

Tom H. (March 2020)

Kyle was Great. I am a first time home buyer and Kyle took his time and walked me though every aspect of the inspection. He was early to the inspection, efficient and thorough to provide a timely extensive inspection. I received the report that evening. Great job!

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