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Please do this before it's too late

Disconnect your hose from your hose bib... RIGHT NOW! It's one of the most critical step in preventing busted pipes over the frigid winter months, especially when we get the very cold days like today.

This hose was frozen solid and the water was still on!

Of course, there are a few more steps you should take to minimize any chance of freezing pipes. Go find the shutoff valve for the hose bib INSIDE of your home, often in the basement just a few feet from the location of the faucet outside, and shut off the water. Finally, go back out and open the faucet to allow any water to drain out. There, you've done it - and you've just saved yourself from the grief and headache of a broken pipe and thousands of dollars in repairs.

In the winter months, we often see hoses attached that are frozen solid and could very easily result in a broken pipe.

There are lots of fun gadgets you can install, from foam caps and collars to frost-proof faucets. However, the best approach is still plain old common sense; disconnect the hose and shut the water off. If you have a question about your hose bibs or anything else in your home, feel free to give send us a note. Our consultation and advice is always offered at no charge! Stay warm!


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