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Well Inspections - What’s in Your Well Water?

well inspection

Does your home use well water? When was the last time you had your well inspected? Did you know the National Ground Water Association recommends scheduling a well inspection and having your water tested annually.

Well water is common in Maryland; approximately 350,000 homes in the state drink water that they obtain through a well. If you own a home with a well, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your water. Thus, it is crucial to properly maintain your well and take precautions to protect your family's well-being and good health.

Well Maintenance & Protection

  • Protect your well by keeping hazardous chemicals at a great distance away.

  • Chemicals such as pesticides, oil, and fertilizer can contaminate the well water and pose serious health concerns. Be sure the separation between your home, waste systems, chemical storage areas, and your well is adequate.

  • Check the well head/cap frequently to verify it is intact and secure.

  • Don’t hit the well head with your mower or weed eater and avoid applying weed killer or fertilizer in the area.

  • The Water Systems Council recommends having your well water tested annually for bacteria, the most common issue encountered in private wells. Additional testing for PH levels, nitrates, and other possible contaminants may be recommended based on where you live. Your local health department is an excellent resource regarding common local contaminants in your water so that you make the right choices when having your water sampled.

Rainwater and Your Well

It comes as a surprise to some that rainwater can contaminant their well. Rainwater can collect harmful bacteria and chemicals on the ground and seep into your well. Proper maintenance around your well will help protect your water source. Installing a vermin-proof well cap can help ensure your well is protected. DO NOT DRINK CONTAMINATED WATER. Check out the MDE’s fact sheet more information.

Other Well Water Resources:

At Certified Property Inspection, we offer well-testing so that you will know the condition of your well and the water you drink. Contact us to schedule your test today!


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