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What's In and What's Out in Kitchen Design 2021

Are 2020 and 2021 bringing you a new kitchen? As you plan your kitchen redesign, you're going to want to ensure that you incorporate some of the latest trends to give your space a modern look. From colors to materials, here are the top kitchen design trends to consider for your 2020/2021 kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Colors Embracing the Drama

Color trends for kitchens this year are embracing the dark and rich hues. It's not uncommon to see dark green, blue or black cabinets in today's kitchens. Contrast, which creates drama, is also popular, with dark cabinetry mixed with lighter backsplashes and walls.

When it comes to the colors themselves, charcoal and deep navy blues are also a popular choice following last year’s Color of the Year-Hale Navy. For those who aren’t fond of this trend, warm neutrals are making a comeback for the 2020/2021 design year, and this works well in kitchens that showcase natural cabinets.

Painted Cabinets Vs. Natural – Both Are In

For many years the cabinetry trends have been either natural or painted – but generally not both. 2020 and 2021 bring a change to that pattern as both are popular. In our area, builders and consumers have continually chosen white cabinetry as the top choice, following off-white and light gray.

If you choose to paint your cabinets, use one of the deeper tones popular this year, and contrast the cabinet color with lighter colored counters and walls. If you prefer lighter cabinetry, try greige, a light color that looks like a mixture of gray and beige.

For purists who can't stand the thought of painted cabinets, wood is another option. Instead of a deep stain, consider natural wood, nothing with any honey, yellow or orange undertones. Of course, you will need to finish the wood, but a clear finish that lets the natural color show through is a popular trend this year.


Bronzed brass (NOT shiny 1980’s) is coming back. It has a soft appearance and blends well with other metals in the kitchen. Black or oil rubbed bronze is a solid choice to coordinate with Stainless steel appliances and faucets. The biggest difference is that there is more room to mix and match metals. It’s now acceptable to have shiny chrome handles and gold lighting in the same room instead of having everything match.

Wood Floors Remain Popular

If your kitchen remodel will include the floors, this is time to think about wood. The outdated orange tones are being refinished in cooler lighter tones or medium cool browns. If you don't have wood floors in your kitchen, don't worry. Faux wood options, like vinyl or laminate, are a great choice. These are durable and water-resistant while offering the appearance of wood.

Another trend for 2020/2021 is exciting patterns and textures. Rather than planks that lay parallel, designs that include chevrons and herringbone are popular. For textures, consider a reclaimed or distressed look instead of a shiny flat surface.

Quartz Countertops Continue in Popularity

Stone countertops have been popular for several years, and that has not changed. In 2020 and 2021, quartz is one of the most popular design trends. The many colors and patterns available with quartz make it easy to fit any design scene with this popular material. The durability of this product is the number one reason for its appeal.

Today's quartz comes with veining that makes it look like natural granite or marble, allowing you to capture this look without the higher cost of natural stone. Both matte and polished finishes are popular, so you can choose a finish that matches your goals and overall look.

Sink Trends Changing

In 2020, the integrated sinks that were once popular are fading away. Instead, a variety of sizes and styles that give the sink character are growing in popularity. The farmhouse apron sink is always at the top on the wish list. Oversized, single compartment sinks are the new favorite over the traditional double sink. Stainless steel is still popular, but dark brown or black is a close second. Brilliant gold and brass are popular for sinks and their hardware, but so is black for a more subtle look.

Unique Appliance Options

Finally, appliances have changed a bit in 2020. While you can still get your traditional fridge, stove, and dishwasher, there are some fun upgrades to consider as well. Stainless steel is still the standard, but dark stainless and cabinet colored panels are popular again.

One of the most prominent up-and-coming options is the steam oven. Steam ovens use the power of steam to heat and cook your food. This is considered one of the healthiest methods of cooking. And for those who love air frying but hate appliances on counters, a stove with built in air fryer is also new on the scene.

Another trend is the upgrade to the smart fridge. Smart fridges aren't new, but they are becoming increasingly popular. Now the refrigerator offers combined food zones that help you keep different foods at different humidity and temperatures, so your food stays fresher longer.

Smart isn't just for the fridge, either. Bluetooth-equipped stoves, ovens, and dishwashers are also growing in popularity. With these appliances, you can control your appliance form your smartphone, making cooking just a little bit more intuitive.

Finally, energy-efficient remains a top trend, and you may be hard-pressed to find some appliances that don't carry an EnergyStar label. By embracing this trend, you can cut your energy bills.

2020/2021 Lighting Trends for Kitchens

Finally, a kitchen isn't functional without the right lighting, so a remodel is a great time to ensure your lighting complements your décor. In the kitchen, you need sufficient lighting for cooking and cleaning, but that doesn't mean it can't be attractive. Homeowners have been choosing the open birdcage or lantern look to make a statement with as many as two or three over an island. Recessed ceiling lights on dimmers are a popular choice as well as undercounter lights which can give you a brighter prep area.

There are many trends for kitchens in 2020/2021. Find the ones that fit your tastes, and embrace them as you design your new kitchen.



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